Autovation in Action

Cutting-edge technologies. Proprietary processes. Forward-thinking techniques. Everything we do gives you an edge.

Needle Punch Process

Guaranteed Shade Matching

Exact shade matching by blending 5 or more fiber types.

Minimal Weight Variation

Profile Crosslapping integrated with proprietary card orientation for less side-by-side weight variation.

More Uniformity

Proprietary Needle Punch configuration guarantees repeatability.

Improved Aesthetics

Random Velour Backed Nonwovens replicate the look and feel of tufted materials.

More Stability
  • Coatings & backings developed according to custom specification.
  • Heat setting technologies—Tenter Oven, Calendering, IR Heat, & Compression Belt Oven—provide more control and specificity.
  • Precision cutting delivers more accuracy and less waste.


  • Kevin P., Manufacturing Manager

    Our needle punch process, board patterns and blending technology deliver a wide range of textures with the best color consistency in the industry.

    Kevin P., Manufacturing Manager
  • Kevin B., Director of Operations

    We have the financial stability and production flexibility to grow with you every step of the way.

    Kevin B., Director of Operations
  • Roseann K., Business Supply Chain Manager

    Our Predictive Program Management System gives us the forecasting tools to manage capacity up to 2 years out. That’s how we stay one step ahead.

    Roseann K., Business Supply Chain Manager
  • Clint P., Quality Director

    Quality isn’t an afterthought here. It’s a guarantee.

    Clint P., Quality Director